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Tucson Attorney For College Suspension Cases

As an experienced Pima County criminal defense attorney, I frequently work with area college students who are facing disciplinary action after being arrested or cited for criminal activity.

The key to protecting university student rights in a criminal case is to act quickly with the college suspension or disciplinary board at the same time as the criminal case is pending. In most cases, the disciplinary board will act more quickly than the criminal justice system — and the board could even make a decision before the student’s criminal case is resolved, one way or another.

Students Should Take Immediate Action To Protect Their Rights

A student can face university or college suspension after an arrest, before the student has the chance to prove his or her innocence.

Get advice from a local criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience working with Arizona’s college and university disciplinary boards. My name is Patrick Alan Moran, and I have worked in criminal defense in Arizona since 2000. I frequently work with college students throughout the state on unfair dismissal cases and college suspension hearings.

I am well-equipped to handle the university disciplinary hearing and the criminal hearing, with a deep understanding of the interplay between the two. My goal in every case is to minimize the criminal consequences of the arrest, while doing everything in my power to protect the student’s access to education.

Discuss Your Concerns With An Aggressive Advocate In Tucson, Arizona

Whether you are a college student or the parent of a college student in Arizona, I am happy to answer your questions about college disciplinary cases in a free consultation. To make an appointment, call 520-812-6987 or contact my firm online. The Law Offices of Patrick Alan Moran serves students throughout Pima, Santa Cruz, Pinal, Graham, Cochise and Maricopa counties here in Arizona.