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How An Attorney Can Defend You In Your Disciplinary Hearing

If you are accused of a crime while attending college, the repercussions of these accusations can extend beyond the court system, impacting your education and career. Facing criminal charges can be frightening and stressful. It may seem like a disciplinary hearing with your college is less important than other procedures you face, but action with your university should be taken very seriously.

The Impact Of A Disciplinary Hearing

You may face a criminal trial or other related proceedings in conjunction with the actions your university takes. These two processes often happen simultaneously and before a verdict is reached in the courtroom. This could mean that the university takes action prior to a judge finding you innocent or guilty.

At a hearing you are allowed to:

  • Tell your side of the story
  • Present any evidence that you have to verify your version of events
  • Cross-examine anyone called as a witness
  • Utilize an attorney

Attorney Defense In Your Disciplinary Hearing

Utilizing an attorney is a vital step to protecting your future, education and career aspirations. Failing to present a proper defense at a disciplinary hearing could result in you paying restitution, attending counseling courses, being removed from classes, suspension or even permanent expulsion.

A qualified defense lawyer will be a primary asset and will assist with the following:

  • Conduct an interview to obtain your version of events: Your attorney will ask for in-depth details regarding what happened. They will also check into the charges and reports against you.
  • Perform a legal analysis: Your attorney will analyze your case to see what laws are relevant, how charges can be eliminated or dismissed and examine to see if there is any merit, integrity or loose end.
  • Investigate: Your attorney will perform an investigation to see if the correct procedures were followed. They will then examine any evidence for or against you.
  • Communicate with university personnel: Your attorney will open a line of communication with college officials to see what complaints were made against you and who the complaints went to. Your attorney will then examine the process to ensure that the correct parties are addressed.
  • Prepare a defense strategy in conjunction with any court action: Your attorney will craft a strategy of defense specifically for the disciplinary hearing. They will take into account what is currently happening with your criminal case in the court system and present necessary evidence on your behalf.
  • Fight pre- and post-hearing decisions: Depending on your unique situation, your attorney will advise you on how to act and proceed pre- and post-hearing. In instances where guilt will likely be found, your attorney will guide you to take steps to reduce the impact on your educational future. If the disciplinary board decides against you, your attorney can help you appeal your case.

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I am well-equipped to handle the criminal proceedings and the university disciplinary hearing, with a deep understanding of the interplay between the two. Contact me today by email or call my office at 520-812-6987 to schedule a consultation at the Law Offices of Patrick Alan Moran.

Understanding The Code Of Conduct Process

I have a history of successfully assisting college students at disciplinary hearings. The process is more complex than you may think, and I understand the structure, procedures, options and timing that correspond with hearings.

Below is an example of the process:

flow chart