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Helping Tucson Motorists With License Reinstatement

Driving privileges are among the most important we have when it comes to freedom of movement. As police officers and Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) employees are happy to tell you, driving is not a right; it is a privilege that can be suspended or revoked by the MVD.

If you have received notice of an MVD suspension, it is better to seek legal help than to continue driving with a suspended license. Anyone who gets caught driving with a suspended license in Arizona faces serious penalties, including possible impounding of the vehicle and further license suspension for up to one additional year.

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My name is Patrick Alan Moran and I have worked as a criminal defense lawyer in Tucson since 2000. I opened my own law practice in 2003, where I help individuals from Pima County and surrounding areas with all manner of criminal, traffic and MVD issues.

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MVD Driver’s License Suspension And Revocation In Arizona

Driver’s license suspension and driver’s license revocation are two different types of actions in Arizona. A suspension has a specific start and end date, after which you may apply for reinstatement and pay necessary fees. Driver’s license revocation lasts for an indefinite period. There is a minimum revocation period, after which the individual must go through an MVD investigation to determine whether reinstatement is appropriate. If approved, the driver must pay applicable fees.

An Arizona driver’s license may be suspended for a number of reasons, including:

An experienced MVD lawyer can help you work to minimize suspension and revocation periods after a points suspension, a DUI suspension or a suspension for any other reason.

Get the Help You Need To Protect Your Driving Privileges

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