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Defending Individuals Accused Of Theft

In Arizona, there are a wide range of offenses tied to theft-related crimes. Smaller offenses are classified as misdemeanors, while others are considered felonies. Regardless, theft crimes can have major repercussions that impact several facets of your life starting from the moment you are charged and well into the future.

Understanding The Impact

Shoplifting is considered a crime of moral turpitude, which means that the behavior violates acceptable standards of the community. A charge for stealing can have severe consequences. You may not be able to pursue the career path you’d planned. Your professional licenses may be revoked leaving you unable to pursue jobs in law enforcement or the legal field. These crimes can also affect immigration status, preventing you from obtaining a visa and may result in deportation.

Examples of theft crimes include:

  • Petty theft
  • Grand theft
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Embezzlement
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Shoplifting

My name is Patrick Alan Moran, and I have worked as a criminal defense attorney in Arizona since 2000. I understand what is at stake when you are accused of a theft crime, and use my experience, skill and knowledge to find satisfactory resolutions to your criminal charges, often reducing or even eliminating your penalties altogether.

Fighting Against Shoplifting Charges

Shoplifting is more complex than taking something from a retail store. Arizona state laws define shoplifting under several scenarios.

Shoplifting is:

  • Taking an item from a store without payment
  • Charging an item to another person or false identity
  • Manipulating the price of an item and paying less for the purchase
  • Transferring an item from one container to another
  • Concealing items

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