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Defending against criminal charges can be a daunting task to face alone. Knowing you have representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney can offer peace of mind during a frightening period in your life.

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I am Patrick Alan Moran, an experienced Tucson, Arizona, criminal defense lawyer. I have been practicing law since 2000, and I opened my own practice in 2003. I am dedicated to providing confident defense against both traffic and criminal charges. I will work diligently for you to limit or eliminate the negative consequences of criminal charges, DUI arrests or traffic violations. I strive to provide personal, honest representation to every client. During an initial consultation, I will thoroughly evaluate your case, address your questions and concerns, and discuss your rights and options.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, felony, DUI or traffic violation, I can help. Call 520-812-6987 or send an email to discuss your charges today.

Confidently Defending Your Future

Criminal charges can carry long-lasting effects beyond fines and possible jail time. A criminal conviction can restrict your ability to find or maintain employment, prohibit you from legally driving your vehicle and affect your freedom in other ways. If you are in college, a criminal arrest can result in a disciplinary hearing, regardless of whether you are convicted.

I have the knowledge and skill to help defend you against all manner of misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

Using proven strategies, I work diligently to have the charges against you reduced or possibly dismissed to help you avoid costly penalties, including fines, suspension of driving privileges and even jail time.

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Your future is too important to risk facing criminal charges alone. Contact my office online or call 520-812-6987 to schedule a free consultation.