Providing You With Peace Of Mind
During A Difficult Time

Investing In What’s Best For Your Future

I opened the Law Offices of Patrick Alan Moran in 2003 with the goal of giving a voice to the people who need it most. I believe everyone deserves a good defense attorney, who has their best interests in mind. I want to help you seek favorable outcomes that will positively influence your future.

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The Knowledgeable Representation You Need

Prior to opening my firm, I attended the University of Arizona and received my undergraduate degree in economics. I then went on to obtain my law degree from the University of Wyoming in 2000. After receiving my law degree, I worked as an attorney with the public defender for the city of Tucson for three years. As a public defender, I gained valuable trial and litigation experience that I still use today. Working as both a public defender and a private practitioner has enhanced my passion for sticking up for the little guy and fighting for your rights.

In September of 2015, I was named justice of the peace, a position in which I’ve gained experience presiding over hearings. This unique perspective gives me an inside look into criminal defense strategies and an even better understanding of the law, and it allows me to create individualized approaches when advocating on your behalf.

Advocating On Your Behalf

Using my experience as a public defender, justice of the peace and private criminal defense attorney, I work diligently to limit the possible damage to your future. I am a lawyer who handles the defense of a wide range of criminal and traffic charges.

Don’t let criminal charges ruin your future. Contact my office online or call 520-812-6987 to learn how I can help you protect your rights and your future from criminal charges.